Youth & Student Caucus

Left Unity’s Youth Caucus has been coming along slowly. While we have seen some great actions by individual members of Left Unity who are students, our internal structures and communication are only just now starting to come together in a coherent fashion.

Where we are now?

We have begun organising through social media, we have a Facebook page and group, a Twitter, Google+ and a Left Unity e-mail address. To further awareness and accessibility we have begun putting together a media team to give us a social media presence. Alongside this we have begun debating a list of “demands” which the caucus stands for to compliment our standing orders when it is finalised and agreed upon. We will also have representation at a national council meeting for the first time.

Where we want to be?

Ideally we will be fully operational by the start of the new academic year, with a fully functioning standing orders and list of policy positions, and with clear cut roles in terms of social media, national and local representation. Finally we will have agreed upon campaign priorities with which to pursue as our communication internally allows for co-operation and co-ordination across the country. Our presence will then begin to grow as we get immersed in youth and student campaigning up and down the country as we complement our local LU branches through our representation and support. When everything is in place and running smoothly we would like to host our own youth conference so that no youth voice goes unheard.

Want to get involved?
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2 responses to “Youth & Student Caucus”

  1. Rooee says:

    Hi All
    any ideas on how we can link town and gown in Loughborough LU?
    are there any student members in our town?
    we would like to have a stall at freshers bazar
    but were told it would cost hundreds!
    any ideas welcomed!!

    • Stephen Miller says:

      I’m no longer a member of the caucus, but you can find it on facebook mainly in the group “left unity student/youth”

      – Student societies can have a stall for free.

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