¡No Pasaran! Confronting the Rise of the Far-Right

02 March 2019 |  9.30 to 5pm
Bloomsbury Central, 235 Shaftesbury Ave, London WC2H 8EP

UPDATE: Diane Abbott MP, shadow Home Secretary, will speak at the conference.
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Associated events:
• 02 March 7pm | Lampedusa: A Story of Two Europes. Acclaimed play
• 03 March | Anti-Fascist Guided Walk through 1930s London East End

Organised by Transform UK | Supported by Trades Union Congress (TUC), European Trade Union Confederation (eTUC), Momentum, Global Justice Now, Stand up to Racism, Muslim Association of Britain, Another Europe is Possible, European Left Party, DiEM 25 UK, Transform Europe Network, Union Syndicale Solidaires (France), Stop the War Coalition, Day-Mer, Espaces Marx, The Monitoring Project, Greece Solidarity Campaign, Francis Boutle Publishers, Haymarket Books, Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation, Pluto Press, Jewish Socialist Group, Care4Calais, Italians United against Fascism, Jewish Voice for Labour, Institute of Race Relations, Red Pepper, Venezuela Solidarity Campaign, Bookmarks Bookshop, Roma Support Group, Resistance Books, Naprzód (Poland), Antifascist Action for Greece.

The far-right is on the offensive across Europe: the biggest upsurge since the 1930s. From street attacks and mobilisations to government office, they use Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, xenophobia and racism to spread hate and fear. They attack trade unionists and the left, and the rights and liberties of us all.

Gaining succour from the Trump White House, they are increasingly internationalised, well-funded and well-organised. Bolsonaro’s victory in Brazil extends this wave into Latin America.

These developments must be countered by rapid and effective mobilisation from the labour and progressive movement. We must be united in Britain and across Europe, and beyond, to defeat this immensely dangerous political turn. This is vital because far right domination of European politics would spell disaster for millions across the continent.

The ¡NO PASARAN! conference on 2 March 2019 brings together left and progressive forces from Europe and further afield: to work together, analyse, and strategise to counter the far-right; to promote viable political alternatives and coordinate an effective response.  A provisional programme of workshops and plenaries will be published here soon.

The conference will take place over four venues which are all close to each other. Speakers and delegations are coming from across Europe, including France, Germany, Portugal, Hungary and Poland.

Diane Abbott shadow Home Secretary, Ken Loach filmmaker, Christine Blower former Gen Sec NUT, Professor Tamas Krausz Hungary, Cornelia Hildebrandt Germany, Walter Baier AustriaDanièle Obono MP France Insoumise, Laura Parker Momentum, Tariq Ali, Mohammed Kozbar MAB , Lowkey, Wilf Sullivan TUCSalma Yaqoob, Verveine Angeli Union Syndicale Solidaires France, Lindsey German Stop the War Coalition, Sarbjit Dhalu Stand up to Racism, Myriam Kane NUS NEC, Hilary Wainwright Red Pepper, Liz Fekete Institute of Race Relations, Chris Hazzard MP Sinn Féin, Francisco Dominguez Venezuela Solidarity Campaign, Marina Monaco eTUC, Czes?aw Kulesza Naprzód Poland, Chiara Mariotti Italians United against Fascism, Gertru Vargas Izquierda Unida Andalucia, Luk Vandenhoeck Platform 2103/Hart Boven Hard Belgium, and others tba.

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Many thanks to those who have already offered homestay accomodation for attendees from overseas. We still need more so please do contact us if you can help.

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