May’s offer to EU citizens – press release

Responding to Prime Minister Theresa May’s offer to EU citizens regarding their post-Brexit rights Joseph Healy principal speaker of Left Unity said:

“May’s offer today to EU citizens is a gross insult and a disgrace to the millions who have made their lives in the UK and who deserve better than this. The proposal for an ID card for EU citizens is already provoking howls of protests from groups representing EU citizens and suggests a return to the days of foreigners wearing armbands. Furthermore the proposal to disallow EU citizens from bringing in their spouses and family members unless they are earning above a certain amount is resulting in a huge reaction on social media suggesting that many EU citizens will simply leave the UK. At a time when the NHS, social care and the hospitality industry all desperately need EU workers this is a huge self inflicted economic wound. All of this results from the madness of Brexit and the refusal to support free movement of people in Europe. We call for this unjust offer to be scrapped and for all progressive forces to support our call for the free movement of people and for the equality of EU citizens.”

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Saturday 25th November
Trump: Nuclear Apocalypse or New Cold War?

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Saturday 25th November
Discussing Catalan self-determination

South London Left Unity discussion, also talking about the future of the left outside the Labour Party: 1- 4pm, Camberwell Library, Camberwell Green London SE5 7AL. All welcome.

Saturday 2 December
Latin America Conference 2017

TUC Congress House London at 9.15am: With countries across Latin America facing a resurgent right and the threat of intervention from Trump, this year’s Latin America Conference will be the most crucial yet. More info here

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