Left Unity 2017 Spring Conference

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Seven reasons why we defend Free Movement

Migrants Are Welcome Here – Defend Free Movement Migrants are net contributors to society All serious economic research has shown that migrants make a substantial net contribution to the British economy. This is largely because a disproportionate number of them tend to be working-age adults. Read more »

Press release: Article 50 heralds Bonfire of Rights

The racist and xenophobic Leave campaign, together with the election of right-wing demagogue Donald Trump in the US, are part of a dangerous turn to the right in world politics. Since the referendum, one third of black and Asian people in this country have experienced some form of racism. EU citizens are being used as […] Read more »

Left Unity election results

The following were elected as officers, national council and committee members as listed below. Where there were insufficient candidates or insufficient women candidates elected, nominations will be re-opened shortly. Principal Speakers: Sharon McCourt, Joseph Healy and Nick Jones National Secretary: Felicity Dowling Treasurer: Alice Kilroy Nominating Officer: Chris Hurley Membership and Communications Officer: Andrew Burgin […] Read more »

Martin McGuinness

Joseph Healy writes Left Unity mourns the loss of the Irish republican leader Martin McGuinness and we convey our condolences to his family and to his colleagues in Sinn Fein and the nationalist community in northern Ireland. He dedicated his life to ending the colonial status of northern Ireland and the brutality of British rule, […] Read more »

A Letter from North America – Our Migrant Crisis

This is the third of Ernie Tate’s letters to Left Unity detailing and analysing the struggles against Trump as they emerge on the other side of the pond. Ernie is a lifelong revolutionary who emigrated to Canada from Northern Ireland as a young man. He was one of the most important activists of the Vietnam Solidarity Campaign […] Read more »

Left Unity will back ‘yes’ vote in Indyref2

Left Unity will call for a ‘yes’ vote if a second independence referendum in Scotland goes ahead. Next week the Scottish Parliament, with its SNP-Green majority, will sanction the call by Scottish National Party leader Nicola Sturgeon for a second referendum, triggered by the passage through the Commons of the government’s Brexit Bill. However it […] Read more »

Report of the RISE National Conference 2017

RISE (http://www.rise.scot/) stands for Respect, Independence, Socialism and Environmentalism. Many of the long term members of RISE are also active in R.I.C. (https://radical.scot/ ) The conference was open to all members, who travelled to Glasgow from all over Scotland. Steve Freeman travelled from England and is a member of both LU and RISE; Julie Morrow […] Read more »

Left Unity condemns ‘arrogant’ budget

Following Chancellor Philip Hammond’s Budget today, Left Unity Principal Speaker Felicity Dowling said: “There was arrogance and impunity from the Conservative government in today’s Budget as they continue to rob public services, to penalise the poorest and to dismiss the need for increased wages. With austerity set to continue until 2025, there is not enough […] Read more »

Solidarity with our sisters internationally on March 8 2017

In the wake of the intensifying war against women internationally and the growing resistance to it by women worldwide, there is a call for an international women’s strike on International Women’s Day. March 8. Inspired by the women’s strikes first in Iceland and then in Poland last autumn in response to the attempts to criminalise […] Read more »

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Discussion & Debate

Liminal: Working at the boundaries of the Labour Party

A discussion piece by Ian Parker from Socialist Resistance and Manchester Left Unity. The election of Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party was a significant event in Britain, changing the terrain of politics at a time when things were generally already shifting to the right. The Brexit result in the referendum and the […] Read more »

British Youth: another generation betrayed

Ashley Walker writes: From the moment I was old enough to understand that I would have to shape my own future, I was told as I am sure so many other young people were told, that if we worked hard, we followed the rules and followed the law, we got good grades and went to […] Read more »

Right wing putsch, escalating racism, deepening austerity – the real meaning of Brexit

Phil Hearse writes. “The way the Leave campaign have tried to ramp up a fear of immigration has been disgraceful—but the truth is that if you see an immigrant in a hospital, they’re far more likely to be working there than being treated. The time has come to brand the “Brexit” campaign for what it […] Read more »

The Dutch general election

Neil Faulkner on the Dutch general election. The Dutch election confirms the global pattern. The centre cannot hold, there is polarisation to right and left, but the former is dominant, so that politics generally is on a rightward-moving trajectory. It also confirms that the process is playing out in slow motion, a reflection of the […] Read more »

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Local reports

Lambeth libraries: Occupation puts council on the back-foot

Stuart King reports on the recent Lambeth Library occupation In mid April, shortly after a 10-day occupation of the Carnegie library in Lambeth, the first cracks appeared in the monolithic Progress run council in Lambeth. Councillor Rachel Heywood issued an open letter entitled “Why I broke ranks” referring to the fact that she marched with […] Read more »

Carnegie Library Occupation [Days 3-7]

Stuart King gives us a first hand account of the on-going occupation of the Carnegie library in Lambeth. The local council want ot close the library and re-open it with a private gym. DAY 3  – SATURDAY The occupation gives an interview with London Live TV at 9.00am. We got a mention in the Bookseller. […] Read more »

Lambeth library occupied to prevent closure

Stuart King reports from the occupation of the Carnegie Library in Lambeth which faced imminent closure by the local council. Lambeth council had planned to lock the doors of Carnegie Library to the public at 6.00.pm on Thursday night. Instead library users refused to leave and vowed to keep the library in the hands of […] Read more »

NUT conference report

Inbar Tamari reports from NUT conference In the last two days of conference the union debates and reached important decisions regarding funding education and implementing policies in and out of the union. Inclusion and funding Conference noted how changes in government led to inclusion from being the norm for educating learners with special educational needs […] Read more »

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Left Unity is active in movements and campaigns across the left, working to create an alternative to the main political parties.

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Events and protests from around the movement, and local Left Unity meetings.

Wed 22 March, 18.30
Meet the European Left Party in Manchester

Presented by Left Unity with speakers Heinz Bierbaum, Waltraud Fritz and Stephen Hall. An opportunity to build a radical left movement across Europe.

6.30 – 9pm at Home, 2 Tony Wilson Place, First Street, M15 4FM.

Thurs 23 March, 18.30
Meet the European Left Party in Leeds

Presented by Left Unity with speakers Heinz Bierbaum and Waltraud Fritz. An opportunity to build a radical left movement across Europe.

6.30-9pm at The Tetley, Hunslet Rd, LS10 1JQ

Sat 1 April, 11.00
Leeds March for the NHS

Marching to oppose cuts and to reject the STP’s, calling for an yearly 4% increase in funding, to end privatisation and ensure that good quality free health care is provided for all.

See Facebook.

17-24 June
Stop Donald Trump’s state visit to Britain

Oppose Trump’s visit. He is a racist and a misogynist and a supporter of torture and a preacher of hate. Event by Public Reading Rooms.

See Facebook for more.

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