Left Unity National Conference tickets now available

Details for Left Unity’s 2016 National Conference are now available. It will be held in Liverpool at the Quaker Meeting House, 22 School Lane. Saturday 29 October, 11.00-18.00 Sunday 30 October, 12.00-16.00 On the Saturday members will be discussing a range of policy motions to guide our political work for the coming year. There will be debates […] Read more »

Left Unity condemns Fabian Society attack on free movement

Left Unity condemns the position advanced in today’s Fabian Society report calling for the Labour party to back an end to free movement. It wrongly states that EU migrants are responsible for downward pressure on wages and reductions in living standards. This is not true. Reports show that immigration is a net contributor to the […] Read more »

Grammar schools – another step back to the 1950s

  Paul Clarke writes The proposal by Theresa May and her Brexit cabinet to substantially increase the number of grammar schools is a further step towards entrenching class privilege – despite their false claim that grammar schools increase social mobility. It is a part of a series of measures aimed at refocusing working class education […] Read more »

Women’s Lives Matter

Louise Harrison writes from Doncaster. If you are a working class woman living in today’s Britain, it’s fairly guaranteed you will be experiencing one of three things; low pay, unwanted reduced hours or living in fear of public sector cuts that will take away your much needed job. Consequently, you will have some type of […] Read more »

What the Housing and Planning Act means – and how to fight it

Ruth McTurk writes: The Housing and Planning Bill passed into law in May, and is now the Housing and Planning Act.  But the campaign against the Act is far from conceding defeat:  previously known as Kill the Housing Bill, it’s now renamed and re-focused as Axe the Housing Act.  There is still alarmingly widespread ignorance […] Read more »

Welcome to the world of Apple

Phil Hearse explains how the world’s richest company rips off workers and governments worldwide. The ruling by EU competition commissioner Margarethe Vestager that Apple should pay the Irish government €13.2 bn, because the derisory 2% tax charged on Apple profits was ‘unfair’ to other companies, reveals just a tiny corner of the tax, labour and […] Read more »

Oppose Little Brexit Britain – Defend Free Movement

By Andrew Burgin We need to campaign actively against little Brexit Britain and the stripping away of our rights, and chief among those campaigns must be to defend the right to free movement. There are many aspects of life in Britain that those who voted leave hope will improve with Brexit. On holiday in Suffolk […] Read more »

Portugal – the radical left steps forward

By Dick Nichols August 2, 2016 It is hard to imagine a sharper contrast than that between the 10th National Convention of Portugal’s Left Bloc, held in Lisbon from June 24 to 26, and its predecessor, held in the same city 18 months ago. In 2014, the 9th National Convention of the radical left force […] Read more »

Norway, Switzerland or Albania?

Economist Tom O’Leary explains why Freedom of Movement is fundamental to Britain’s economic development and prosperity The Brexit referendum campaign was dominated by assertions that the UK economy could benefit from access to or participation in the EU single market while opting out of the conditions on Freedom of Movement for workers. These assertions are […] Read more »

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Discussion & Debate

Left Unity National Conference 2016

Left Unity’s 2016 National Conference will be held on Saturday 29th October in Liverpool. Sunday 30th will be an open conference day of themed workshops and discussions. Further details will be published as they become available. Our National Council has agreed the following pre-conference timetable:   18 July:                        Pre-conference discussion period begins 16 September:          […] Read more »

Review: Winifred Knights – Dulwich Picture Gallery

By Stuart King Winifred Knights is a little recognised woman artist who was working in the early twentieth century. This lack of recognition is something this exhibition seeks to change by bringing together a major collection of her paintings. Her talent can be seen early on with a number of fine drawings from the age of […] Read more »

After the failed coup

Stuart King writes Finally Angela Eagle has announced she will stand against Jeremy Corbyn for the leadership of the Labour Party. Only ten months after Jeremy was elected by nearly 60% of the party, with over a quarter a million votes, the LP is plunged into another election contest. This should come as no surprise […] Read more »

Whatever has happened to the British?

Steve Lytton writes from France Whatever has happened to the British – a people whose reputation lies in part on a solid belief in fairness and in the determination to fight for a seemingly lost cause, despite all the odds, because it is right, decent and proper? Though it sickens me to admit it – […] Read more »

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Local reports

Lambeth libraries: Occupation puts council on the back-foot

Stuart King reports on the recent Lambeth Library occupation In mid April, shortly after a 10-day occupation of the Carnegie library in Lambeth, the first cracks appeared in the monolithic Progress run council in Lambeth. Councillor Rachel Heywood issued an open letter entitled “Why I broke ranks” referring to the fact that she marched with […] Read more »

Carnegie Library Occupation [Days 3-7]

Stuart King gives us a first hand account of the on-going occupation of the Carnegie library in Lambeth. The local council want ot close the library and re-open it with a private gym. DAY 3  – SATURDAY The occupation gives an interview with London Live TV at 9.00am. We got a mention in the Bookseller. […] Read more »

Lambeth library occupied to prevent closure

Stuart King reports from the occupation of the Carnegie Library in Lambeth which faced imminent closure by the local council. Lambeth council had planned to lock the doors of Carnegie Library to the public at 6.00.pm on Thursday night. Instead library users refused to leave and vowed to keep the library in the hands of […] Read more »

NUT conference report

Inbar Tamari reports from NUT conference In the last two days of conference the union debates and reached important decisions regarding funding education and implementing policies in and out of the union. Inclusion and funding Conference noted how changes in government led to inclusion from being the norm for educating learners with special educational needs […] Read more »

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Left Unity is active in movements and campaigns across the left, working to create an alternative to the main political parties.

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24-27 Sept
The World Transformed

A celebration of politics, art, music, culture and community. Hosted by a coalition of grassroots groups and powered by Momentum. In Liverpool, running alongside the Labour Party Conference.

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Sun 25 Sept, 12.00
March to save Liverpool Women’s Hospital

Oppose the closure of this award-winning hospital.

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1-2 Oct
Protest the Tory Party Conference

The People’s Assembly are holding a major conference and a national demonstration in Birmingham, to demand an alternative to ‘Austerity Britain’.

Details on their website.

Tues 4 Oct, 19.30
Migration, Ethnicity and the Aftermath of the Referendum

Public meeting in Brighton, with speaker from Left Unity, EuroMernet and CASE Central.

Friends meeting house, Ship St, Brighton.

29-30 Oct, 11.00
Left Unity National Conference, Liverpool

On Saturday members will discuss and vote on a range of policy motions to guide our political work for the coming year. On Sunday there will be open discussion and a variety of workshops.

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