EU Referendum: a disastrous outcome

Left Unity Executive Committee has issued the following statement on the outcome of the EU Referendum: Left Unity deplores the Leave outcome of the EU Referendum. This referendum came from pressure from the far right – driven by anti-immigration sentiment, fuelled by racism. This has been the most reactionary national campaign in British political history, […] Read more »

Tina Louise Rothery – Anti-Fracking ‘Nana’

Graham Gifford interviews Tina Louise Rothery about her ongoing legal case against Cuadrilla It’s 9am on Day One of the new Brexit Britain, but as most of the UK is listening to the breaking news of Cameron’s resignation, a different drama is unfolding in Blackpool, Lancashire. Arriving at the County Courts, anti-fracking banners unfurl against […] Read more »

Brexit and the Crisis on the British Left

Neil Faulkner Taking a position on the EU Referendum was not easy. The in/out choice was essentially an argument inside the political and corporate elite about what was best for British capitalism. We do not wish to be ruled by either the City of London or the European Central Bank. Both are run by bankers. […] Read more »

Fact and fiction about the Referendum

Phil Hearse, 25 June 2016 Massive amounts of comment and analysis are emerging from the political Left and the left-of-centre commentariat. Some is sensible, some is full of half-truths and some is just fantasy. Let’s start with the fantasy wing of this debate. “A victory against austerity and neoliberalism” was the first response on the […] Read more »

Spanish election: the voice of the United Left

On Sunday Spain goes to the polls – its second attempt to elect a government in six months. The prospects for the left are hugely increased by a newly united campaign from Izquierda Unida (United Left) and Podemos – together forming Unidos Podemos. Left Unity wishes them every success. Maite Mola, from the Izquierda Unida […] Read more »

Vote Remain – Step Up the Fight

  Andrew Burgin makes a final appeal for a Remain vote. We must build a real political and socialist union across Europe. The British referendum campaign on EU membership is entering its final days.  As I write this the opinion polls are signalling an advantage for Leave but the result will be close either way. […] Read more »

An Appeal to the European Left

As the British referendum campaign on EU membership enters its final days, the tension and anger is palpable. Traditional fault lines in politics are breaking down as the divisions over Remain or Leave cross and re-cross through parties and movements where typically in a general election period sympathies would be predictable and tolerated. This referendum […] Read more »

How do Europeans in Britain feel about the Referendum?

Read more »

Why stay in the EU? We reject ‘divide and rule’

There is a race to the bottom in the terms and conditions of the lowest paid, the most exploited workers. Bad contracts, poor and unsafe working conditions, and poverty pay are found in many sectors. But it’s about employers driving down working class living standards and taking advantage of the workforce to increase their own […] Read more »

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Discussion & Debate

The EU referendum is only the beginning of the political crisis

Economist Michael Burke writes: The EU referendum campaign began as farcical attempt to set aside divisions in the Tory Party but it has turned into a debacle for Cameron. Overall anti-immigration rhetoric and racism have dominated. The entire responsibility for this lies with Cameron, the leadership of the Tories and their allies in the media. […] Read more »

EU referendum briefing – a response to key issues

Len Arthur shares responses to queries that have arisen during debates in Wales around key referendum issues Migration Concerns: asylum seekers; Turkey; pressure on services; pressure on our ‘civilization’ ‘culture’ ‘society’ ‘being overrun’; undermines conditions, jobs, benefits; security. Benefits: free movement good for all; freedom to travel; existing agreements lost; migrants benefit economy; what is […] Read more »

Fighting for a remain vote on June 23 and for a different Europe

Terry Conway reports Over 1000 people gathered in central London on Saturday to hear a range of powerful speakers and discuss what role they could play over the next short weeks to secure a vote for remain in the European referendum on June 23 at an event called by Another Europe is Possible , open […] Read more »

In or out of the European Union? A tale of two referenda

Andrew Burgin argues for a ‘Remain’ vote in the forthcoming referendum. On June 23rd the British people will vote on whether to stay in or leave the European Union. The European project is facing the most profound crisis in its history driven by the subordination of the European Union not to the needs of its […] Read more »

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Local reports

Lambeth libraries: Occupation puts council on the back-foot

Stuart King reports on the recent Lambeth Library occupation In mid April, shortly after a 10-day occupation of the Carnegie library in Lambeth, the first cracks appeared in the monolithic Progress run council in Lambeth. Councillor Rachel Heywood issued an open letter entitled “Why I broke ranks” referring to the fact that she marched with […] Read more »

Carnegie Library Occupation [Days 3-7]

Stuart King gives us a first hand account of the on-going occupation of the Carnegie library in Lambeth. The local council want ot close the library and re-open it with a private gym. DAY 3  – SATURDAY The occupation gives an interview with London Live TV at 9.00am. We got a mention in the Bookseller. […] Read more »

Lambeth library occupied to prevent closure

Stuart King reports from the occupation of the Carnegie Library in Lambeth which faced imminent closure by the local council. Lambeth council had planned to lock the doors of Carnegie Library to the public at on Thursday night. Instead library users refused to leave and vowed to keep the library in the hands of […] Read more »

NUT conference report

Inbar Tamari reports from NUT conference In the last two days of conference the union debates and reached important decisions regarding funding education and implementing policies in and out of the union. Inclusion and funding Conference noted how changes in government led to inclusion from being the norm for educating learners with special educational needs […] Read more »

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